Vitamin C is your skin's new BFF

Vitamin C is your skin's new BFF

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For years scientific studies have shown that when we feel a cold coming on, taking Vitamin C supplements can help shorten the duration of being sick, or even prevent worse cold symptoms from developing. It is the most common essential antioxidant that supports your immune system but is also equally good for your skin! Vitamin C has so many amazing benefits for both internal and external uses (which also contains an abundance of ascorbic acid), you'd be surprise how radiate you skin will be when you start using it in your skin care routine daily.  

Here are some topical benefits of Vitamin C that your skin would love:

  • Brightens up your complexion & evens out skin tone 
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots (hyperpigmentation) 
  • Maintains and repairs damaged skin and cartilage 
  • Prevents premature aging/diminishes the signs of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Can help in the production of collagen, keeping skin hydrated and plump  

How Vitamin C works

Unfortunately, our skin experinces many harmful exposures once we step outside, such as smoke, pollution and UV rays from the sunlight which can overtime damage our skin. The damages can appear as dull skin as well as dark spots, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone & texture. In order to protect our skin, using ingredients like Vitamin C help keeps us protected with a clear skin.  

Eating fruits and vegetables is not the only way to get Vitamin C, luckily our skin absorbs antioxidants, which partially neutralize the damage of free radicals. When Vitamin C is added to your skincare routine it immediately attacks those radicals spot on and reverse the damage that they cause. Vitamin C also works on the hyperpigmentation in your skin, which means it improves the appearance of dark spots by lightening them. When used over time, it can visibly even out the skin tone.

BLASS Balm & Vitamin C

The BLASS Balm is an amazing defense against free radicals due to its ingredient list, which contains... you guessed it, Vitamin C! Its Vitamin C rich formula won’t clog your pours, plus its paraben-free with vegan formula (containing only natural ingredients that you skin needs.) Since the ingredients in our Balm are natural, it is gentle enough to use 2x daily and it works great on all skin types. For more desirable results use consistently to see improvements and watch your skin glow! 

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