The beauty secret of collagen

The beauty secret of collagen

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Everything you need to know about collagen

Collagen is the fundamental protein found in various parts of our body such as our hair, skin, and bones (serving as a glue to hold everything together!) It is responsible for the elasticity in our skin, which makes it appear more youthful and plumper. Over time, collagen and moisture levels start to decrease which causes the skin to lose its density and create wrinkles. To retain the collagen in our skin eating fruits and vegetables filled with antioxidants or protein-rich foods can help prevent diminishing the collagen as well as taking peptides powder daily to boost the collagen levels, building the beauty from within.  

Ways to stimulate collagen with Blass Beauty

Here at Blass, we know the importance of having firm and hydrated skin. Here are a few ways of stimulating the production of collagen in your skin from the outside, increasing the blood flow to your skin and helping visibly smooth wrinkles over time.  

  • Blass Balm. Our Blass Balm is filled with Vitamin C and other antioxidant properties, known to build collagen (and reverse the signs of aging!). Use up to 3 times a day to see optimal results and to keep you skin hydrated.  
  • Electric Gua Sha. Our Electric Gua Sha is a true skin changer! As an advanced 3 in 1 facial sculpting tool that stimulates the collagen production in one setting in 3 minutes. The micro-current in the tool relaxes the skin and gives it greater elasticity, a plumper appearance, and penetrate the skin products into the skin for maximum benefits! 
  • The Lip Plumper. Our Lip Plumper is designed as an innovative tool to form gorgeous fuller lips in a matter of minutes. With a built-in sensor, the vibrating lip plumper stimulates the blood flow around the lips creating collagen and adding volume naturally with no pain. 

Of course we had to let know our Blass Babes in on the beauty secret of collagen and how to achieve results naturally, not only with eating collagen-rich foods but also incorporating our Blass Beauty products in their daily regimen for the best results! 

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