Shape & curl your lashes to last all day

Shape & curl your lashes to last all day

Blinc x Blass Heated Lash Curler
Hey Blass Babes, I am super excited to share with you our NEWEST product collab... The Blinc X Blass Heated Lash Curler! You know a product is worth having if we are in partnership with it on our site! (which means it is BLASS APPROVED!)

The Blinc X Blass heated lash curler is the lash curler we have been waiting for all these years and now its here, talk about advancing in the beauty industry. This heated lash curler is unlike any lash curler you've had in the past, which makes it a certified game-changer. Innovative and efficient, this heated lash curler will upgrade the appearance of your lashes within seconds and extend even the tiniest lashes to create an alluring fuller look.

Want to know how the heated lash curler work?

Well, there is no clamp necessary! We recommend heating up your Blinc X Blass Lash Curler when you begin your makeup application, so that by the time you get to your lashes it will be ready to use. It only takes a few minutes to reach optimal temperature (it contains an easy-to-see LED indicator on the comb that will switch from red to yellow when it is ready).

Once you are ready to use it, bend the wand upwards on your lashes for about 10-15 seconds. The heat will warm up your lashes so when you apply the Blinc X Blass Original Tubing Mascara your eyelashes will lift as the mascara holds the curved shape when applied. 

No damage, no fuss

The best news about the Blinc X Blass Heated Lash Curler is that it is gentle and safe enough use almost everyday, so you never have to worry about any damages. Besides it being gentle, it provides curls that will last all day, so you never have to worry about your eyelashes losing shape. The Blinc X Blass Lash Curler uses a single AAA battery-operated system that delivers a precise amount of heat. Its adjustable design makes it easy to curl all your lashes (even the hard-to-reach corners!) and comes equipped with a protective guard to prevent contact with skin and eyes. We cannot wait for you to transform your lashes with The Blinc X Blass Heated Lash Curler!



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